Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, etc. credit cards processing for websites and mobile applications

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The priority activity of Universe Payments is to provide high-quality services for improving credit cards processing of electronic payments to various merchants online.

Online payments processing is the acceptance of payment for goods or services on a website (online store / any other service) which payment is required using funds on a bank card.

This is very convenient for the client and the merchant both. For the client first of all it is saving precious time and maximum comfort of the payment process. The client does not need to go to make a purchase in a store or make a payment at the bank – now it is enough to enter the data of the credit card and make the payment itself through a specially designed, secured web interface. Further, the Internet acquiring process are going and as a result the funds are credited to the account of the Internet merchant, who delivers the goods to the consumer.

Internet entrepreneurs are also interested in such an opportunity to provide instant payment on their website. In this way, they significantly expand the geography of payment acceptance, thereby attracting more customers. Also, it automatically increases its status and the credit of trust in such companies also grows.

UniversePayments provides the possibility to connect electronic payment processing to residents of the European Union, CIS region (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan), India, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. After integrating our payment solutions on your website, a resident of the Ukraine for example, will be able to easily accept payments worldwide.

If you are already interested in providing such an opportunity to pay by bank cards on your website, then you want to get the best, most reliable solution. It is the most important task for Universe Payments team. And we will definitely find the most effective solution for your online business.


  • Accept Internet payments on your website worldwide 24/7
  • Increase the level of payment service for your goods / services
  • Increase profits accepting online payments
  • Increase customers loyalty, because you cooperate with the most famous and reliable electronic payment systems in the world (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.)